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Originally Posted by BluByU View Post
If I did not own one already I would be all over this.

Seriously anyone who rides a newer BMW who does not have the GS911 yet should be all over this.
The GS911 is a MUST HAVE ITEM!!! First time it saves you a trip to the dealer after that it is $$$ in the bank
Thanks BluByU, it's so true. I had a rider with a 2005 GS come to my shop because his ABS light was on. He was freakin' out a bit, worried about big dollars to fix the ABS. I rolled the bike into the shop, hooked up the GS911 and read his codes, it was just a burned out tail light bulb. They guy was so relieved and a little pissed that he had to bring the bike to the shop because of a taillight bulb. He bought a bulb and a GS911 so he could read out and remedy faults without leaving his own driveway.

I can't imagine owning a modern BMW without owning this tool.

Ted Porter
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