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Day 7, Aug 26,. Richfield UT to Baker NV

Ok, where were we. Oh yes, sitting in the hottub at the Richfield Days Inn digesting the worlds largest burrito ......

So it's the next day, we're up at a not horrible hour. Complementary hot breakfast, then a gas stop and we're off towards Baker Nevada. Some time previously I had Brian make a reservation at Baker. There are basically two options, The Border Inn on US50 and Silver Jacks in Baker itself. Brian decides on Silver Jacks, then later I read the reviews on Trip Advisor. Should be interesting me thinks ......

Anyways, we're off, almost immediately we're climbing up into the Fishlake National Forest and I'm riding like a total slug. I didn't feel too tired the previous night, got a decent nights sleep but now I'm feeling like I need at least 4 more hours of sleep. I don't think I woke up until after lunch.

Fairly soon after this the TAT routes along the Richfield-Fremont Park section of the Paiute ATV trail system. Would-be hamburger is commonplace as usual:

Great views:

Finally we reach the Al Gay trail. This is seriously steep, rocky and loose. You start off descending, Brians GPS showed a road crossing which we thought was the TAT but it had long been overgrown, pretty soon after it's a long steep rocky climb to a summit followed by several long loose downhill sections back down to the dirt road. I wish I'd been more awake, as it was I really wasn't in the right frame of mind :

Sorry, no quads

First downhill, as usual 2x steeper than the picture implies:

I think this is just before the intersection with the main dirt road leading into Kanosh:

We roll into Kanosh. A very odd town as there are quite a few expensive new houses there which struck me as really odd, as otherwise there is one gas station, one tiny motel and a mercantile. We stop in the mercantile, grab a candy bar and a soda. The lady tells us there is a city park next door so we ride over. At this point we decide we'll stay a little longer so Brian walks back and gets some sandwiches. We take a long lunch and I finally wake up.

Rolling out of Kanosh, things flatten out:

We take a break under I15, trying to not lie on the large amounts of rodent poop:

We really had no idea what the terrain or riding would be for the rest of the day, turned out it was open and fast. Go as fast as you like stuff. I put the hurt on my rear D606 that afternoon:

occasionally interrupted by interesting scenery, here approaching Black Rock:

and Sevier Lake:

Wick it up again:

approaching Crystal Peak:

looking West from Crystal Peak:

looking back at Crystal Peak:

We were really lucky with the weather, overcast so minimal direct sun exposure. Cool shadows on the mountains (of which I found out, Nevada has more ranges of than any other state):

We're in the Great Basin, approaching Baker:

As always, can't take the direct route into town so a couple miles out we're diverted onto some two track:

We arrive at Silver Jacks around 4.30pm IIRC. A lot sooner than I expected.

We're greeted by one of the co-managers (Nina) and she's easy on the eyes but rather aloof and matter-of-fact. Oh well, can't have everything in life

The restaurant is called the Lectrolux Cafe, the motel is off to the left. The room is basic, dated with a small old shower but it's perfectly fine for us. I can see how someone used to Motel6/Super8 wouldn't like it:

Supposedly has the "best pizza in Nevada". It's definitely eclectic:

but I get the distinct impression that the owner Terry has a rather elevated opinion of himself, you can buy one of his personally approved used books if you like and there are some interesting comments about his wine experience floating around:

They do have a good beer selection, we buy a six pack and settle down with the free wifi.

There isn't much else in Baker:

The pizza is fine, pesto, way too salty. No way it's the best in the state but for the middle of nowhere, it definitely gets the job done. Oh and they have a pretty decent single malt selection also.

We hit the sack, plan is to be up early as the restaurant is open for breakfast starting at 6.30am

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