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Originally Posted by CrashDBad View Post
OK, does anyone know if there is a difference in legnth for the wires/leads on the VR from thr 950 ADV and the SE. they are all superceded by the same part number, but seem to have started with different numbers. I'm tryingto patch an 04 ADV reg to my 08 SE to take a trip. The used reg from an inmate hasn't arrived yet and wondering if I need to do soem splicing/legnthening.
My SE came with a bad reg from the factory (bought in Nov. '06), and was boiling the battery with only 35 miles on the bike. The dealer, in an effort to get me back on the road, removed the reg from a new '06 Adv, but the leads were too short. Had to wait 3 weeks for a regulator to get from OH to NC.

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