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High Fender Conversion

I did the high fender install today, keeping both disks. I hope these pictures can help anyone else planning to do this in the future.

I used all KTM parts, supermoto fender, SX85 fork guards, an additional left side brake hose, and hose braket and grommet.

Removing the stock low fender and crossover brake hose is easy enough. Make sure you have something to catch the brake fluid in, as it will all pour out with gravity's assistance. You'll want to pull the single banjo bolt from the brake master cylinder and swap it with the double banjo bolt from the left side caliber. Install the new long brake hose up the right hand side as pictured below.

I had to modify the new brake hose bracket to fit the right side. A little cutting and bending and it was good to go. There's no hole in the caliber braket to install this on the right side, so I used the low fender mounting hole.

Now you're ready to bleed the system. Lots of brake fluid and patience will go a long way.

I had to cut a notch out of the rear mounting hole of the fork protectors. Also, I took a rat tail file to the front holes, the spacing is just a little off. I wire tied the hoses to the fork protectors. There's probably a better way to secure the hoses to the fork guards, I would like to know what everyone else used.

I also need to fabricate two hose guides, one for at the fender, and one for at the top triple clamp. I have some wire ties at the top triple clamp keeping the hose in place, but I would like something that looks more factory.

Here's some shots of the finished project. Good luck with yours!

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