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Toyman Finish Day 5

Well it appears I did not take many more pics.

Well we decided to slab the last 56 miles or so, we got into some great downhill twisties and as I was in a hard right hand feeling the asphalt I heard this loud bang and the rear end started wobbling, got it shut down and bailed off and no flat, grabbed the rear wheel and it appeared to have blown the wheel bearing. Oleary showed back and we did not have cell service so he headed to Kremmling and call Keith and see if he would bring my Truck to us and I would try to limp that direction. Well I limped at a brisk 15 mph and got 8 miles to the major intersection 6 miles north of Kremmling and stopped to rest. As I was standing there looking at my rear wheel DRZ Charlie texted me, it appears the spot was not moving to quickly. As I was texting him I look up just in time to see a Hitch hiker heading across the road. Seems he was hungry and thirsty, I told him I could unpack my bike as the food was buried at the bottom so he declined, THEN he asked if he could stand behind my bike and PISS, I looked at him and told him he had better not piss on my bike, he turned away from me and the bike and let it go. After that he started telling me about how the Kremmlin Police had hauled him out here and dumped him, I pointed him in the direction of Utah and he started off and I jumped on my bike and headed on into Kremmling. Man that was the longest 14 miles in my life, finally reached Kremmling and parked at the first store and hooked up with Oleary. Keith showed up with my truck later and we ended a Great Adventure. Oleary was a great host and riding partner. Look forward to going out west next year. PS sorry for writing a book.

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