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Side Kicker Side Stand

This is a very viable solution to this excessive lean issue - loaded or not but especially on uneven ground.

I've been waiting and waiting for these guys to bring something to market.

In the interim, I've drilled and tapped my side stand and installed a hockey puck to the bottom. Had to wittle away quite a lot of the puck to make it clear the side stand but enough remains to not only provide a bigger foot print for the side stand but also brings the bike up to a manageable lean angle when the side stand is deployed.

I used the same thing on my R1200GS with no wittling of the hockey puck required, worked like a wizard and saved my bacon on many occassions.

I would definitely be interested in this side stand, but am a bit agasp at the pricing. Looks like a quality item though.

If it were somewhere under $200.00, or even closer to $150.00 I'd be all over it, but, the price is a strong incentive to stay with my hockey puck, stainless steel bolt, washer and a little time - cost me a grand total of around $3.00 and about an hour.

Will follow the developments - never say never.

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