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My valve spring compressor came in the mail along with a few other goodies today. Pulled off the springs, and yanked the valves out. They're a little worn, but still right at Honda spec numbers. What worries me is the combustion side of the head...

Photos, of course...

Serious carbon buildup, which isn't too much of an issue to clean out... Given the abysmal jetting of the previous owner, I'm not surprised. What DOES worry me, however, are the cavities that seem to have developed. The two valve seats on the right side of the last two photos illustrate this quite well. There is quite literally a little hole in the metal itself, and in that general area, it almost looks as if the leaking has made the surrounding area worse.. or eaten away at *that* metal. Perhaps this was partially responsible for the scoring in the cylinder? I don't know.

I am fairly positive that this is not a typical result. Is this simply going to get worse and worse? I believe the bike was run lean in the past due to an exhaust leak; would that cause this?

Please advise. Not sure where to go from here. Onward with the rebuild, clearly... but not entirely sure if I need to start digging for a head or not. Thanks!
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