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Raising a lowered F650GS to standard hieght, my final thoughts

Ok... After spending many hours dealing with BMW parts departments, studying the parts break downs and talking with Ohlins shock experts I have arrived at the truth concerning some things i have read on-line in regards to raising a lowered F650GS. There are two main myths that i will address and i have searched for their source and believe i have found them.

1. Myth one: You have to change the front suspension as well as the back suspension to raise the bike to standard size.

This is incorrect. The only difference on the BMW F650GS (Twin) between the standard suspension and the lowered suspension is the rear shock. There is no adjustment to the front suspension.

The source of this myth is the F650GS (single cylinder) made prior to 2008. On those bikes (now named G650GS, there is a spacer on the front suspension, which needs to be changed out, but not on the modern F650GS-twin.

2. Myth two: There is only one shock used for both the F650GS and the F800GS.

This is incorrect. There are two different shocks with two different part numbers. They have two different lengths and two different strokes.

In regards to Ohlin shocks... There is not one single shock for both the F650GS and F800GS. There is two totally different shocks for each. The F650GS will take a BM801 and the F800GS will take a BM802. There is a total of 15 mm difference in the length between the two shocks.

I believe the source of the myth is that they are both listed as the same type... S46DR1B

Hopefully this will be helpful to others who are looking to raise their factory lowered bikes to standard heights in the future or those looking to replace or sell Ohlin shocks for a F650GS.

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