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R1200GS Adv - pulling two parts back together

R1200GS Adv - pulling two parts back together

Weekend 3 & 4

After pondering the work to do I am more happy about doing the drive shaft properly. I can examine it and re-grease both end splines as required now.

It also gives a chance to ascertain the pressure required and method of re-attaching the drive shaft at the gearbox end while the drive shaft is out the box!

Also at this point I re-attached the starter motor cover, rather than doing it after the frame was re-connected. Pulling it out when the frame was together was a bitch, getting it back in same would be a nightmare. The frame will slide on OK with the cover in place. However this assumes you just disconnected the gear changer via the circlip and joint, and not unbolted the gear change link from the gear change spline.

Now to bring the frames together, again moving centimeter by centimeter, checking for pinching and clearance after each shove.

Let me take a second to make note of the requirement to brace the front wheel for this part of the job to stop the bike rolling forward when pressure is applied to the rear frame. As seen below, I put a breeze block between the front wheel and garage door after it nearly rolled off the trolley jack on one particular shove - that would have been nasty!!

I attached the drive shaft to the gearbox output shaft, leaving the final circlip push for when the frame is together.

I had a helping hand for the last shove to make the holes for the bolts line up, me lifting and pulling the rear frame, with a friend pushing the frame forward from behind. This time round the frame connects first try. Remove frame studs and insert bolts to hold frame in place while the bottom holes are aligned with more maneuvering.

Next, connect the drive shaft fully at the gearbox, a little bit tricky due to the lack of space, but got there in the end. Much easier with the other end to push on and turn. Just a little leverage with a screw driver to get it over the circlip.

Then spend another hour trying to attach the final drive spline to the drive shaft . Finally doing a dry run with the rubber boot off to get a proper idea of the angle and approach for connection. Hold u-joint at knuckle and correct angle, bring drive up shaft end turning rear wheel and applying gentle pressure, the drive spline almost falls into the drive shaft end. Re-attach rubber boot and repeat and it goes straight on.

Did I mention the rag fell out the oil hole in the final drive while it was hanging, requiring emptying all the oil out to get the correct amount back in.

Next re-route all the wiring along the frame and apply new cable ties with my new cable tie gun :) - well worth the $23 for the perfect job it does of tightening and cutting the cable ties like a pro.

I get to cable tying the rubber boot on the end of the drive shaft to the gearbox and realise the bottom of the rubber boot is caught inside of the gearbox output flange. There is barely any room to get in and release the boot.

After much messing around I finally had to release the rear spring off the arm!, jack up the arm to release pressure on the rubber, get the heat gun on the rubber to soften it up and try and wedge a screwdriver in to poke the rubber out the flange from the other side between the frame. AHHH!!. This took 2-3 hours with much head scratching and scratched and bruised knuckles. At one point I was considering a frame split again, but re-doing all the work put a damper on that idea, though it might have been quicker in the long run from the outset. I shall not forget this next time though eh!

I finally got the boot released and cable tied. Next drama.

Its at this point I discover I have not routed all the wiring for the right hand cylinder through the frame when I pulled it together, which you can see in the photo two above hanging over the injector body. Bollocks. After a bit of concern I work out the wiring will just about slip through the small space left between the air-box and frame. Fortunately the wires all unplug from the spark plug caps leaving only small end plugs to route through. phew!! - had visions of having to re-split the frame for the wiring re-route!.

Re-apply the spring clip to the gear change link

Wrap her up for the night for the final day of re-assembly tomorrow.

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