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Thank you everyone for that diagnostic procedure and pictures...

Shut off the bike to pick it back up 80 miles into the day, and 20+ miles from pavement . Got tow-started by an ATV, rode back up a nasty rocky and steep climb and to civilization . The bike did re-start after I had to stop for fuel about 140 miles later (25 miles from home). Ran about half of that without the headlight plugged in. Wouldn't even run the FI pump the next morning . Bike has 28.667 miles on it.

Pins 1-3 had 15v, pins 2-3 had 10.6v, pins 1-2 had 7 volts .

Dealer ordered a stator without calling me, so I think it will be covered under warranty .
My warranty expires next Monday .

Stator was toast - covered under warranty. No accessory lighting or other accessory electrical (yet). Only used the power outlet for a few hundred miles to power a GPS, and to charge a cel phone... I don't own any heated gear.

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