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Guys. Its worth the wait.

I finally got around to putting mine on my '99 1100GS.

Everyone has said the BMW R engines have good torque- but I never really believed it, coming from a '99 Harley EVO - with a carb that I dialed in.

However, this doodad changed my mind. A cold engine will now take off from a standstill quite nicely. No stutter stalling.
Inadvertent second gear stop & go? Not a problem. Just roll on the throttle.
Uphill stop sign? No problema.

Wheelie desired? heheheheh.

Twist & shout, baby.

Hardest part of the install is finguring where to stash the plastic pot. I just stuffed mine under the rightside lower tank bottom trim piece. I didn't even ziptie it down yet. If it take you longer than five minutes, you're thinking too hard.

Maybe its just me, but the engine even sounded better last night.

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