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Originally Posted by YetiGS View Post
I wonder if it's because the BMW stator's output is not high enough for the load we're putting on them which is causing them to burn out?

Which leads back to what I've been wondering for a while, is there a way to increase the output of the stator? I know on my XR400R I just had it re-wound by Baja Designs, why can't we do something similar to the BMW stator?
Imho..... I don`t think so...... Since the stator/RR (regulator rectifier).... grounds what ever juice not needed by the " system"..... So in essence....The stator is always producing 100%. That said.....Practically ....many times things don`t work out as they are surposed... Ie. Generally speaking , not just on the gs.... The less of a tax on the system seems to make for better longevity. Ie... The guy with extra lights...body heaters etc... Toast his faster. Should`nt be...but I have seen this on other bikes. think as long as you are stock ...or less Like after your HID install.... You should be on..... Nothing scientific to back this.... But just my opinion. Speaking of HID..... Did you get your wedge`ed in there????

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