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New addition for Haynes Manual - The DSBCP

I have a tip, to be used in the event you purchase a bike with an unknown history (lets for arguments sake just say a BMW R65 mono).

1) Put bike in neutral on center stand.
2) Loosen rubber gatier between gearbox and drive shaft. Recommend removing only the forward clamp that secures the gaiter.
3) Gently pry back gaiter.
4) Count the number of bolts used to secure the drive shaft flange to the gear box. You can slowly rotate the drive shaft by rotating the rear wheel with your free hand, to aid in the counting procedure. The correct number of bolts is 4 (four). If you get to eight, you probably have the correct number of bolts, but have gone around twice.

Signs that you should have conducted the drive shaft bolt counting procedure (DSBCP) sooner:
1) banging noises
2) rattling noises
3) people staring at you and pointing as you ride past
4) an overwhelming feeling of dread
5) removing the rubber gaiter between gearbox and drive shaft and having two stripped bolts fall onto the exhaust collector box, one bolt still half in and holding onto the drive shaft flange for dear life, one bolt MIA (never reinstalled by PO).

N.B. Signs 1, 2, 3, and 4 may relate to issues not related to the need to conduct the DSBCP.

The above DSBCP is not listed in the Haynes repair manual, however I suggest it is a 'one spanner' task for anyone who has watched five or more episodes of Sesame Street.

The DSBCP is recommended to anyone who hasn't actually seen the four bolts with their own eyes and is just assuming no PO could be that profoundly stupid.

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