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Originally Posted by GrahamD View Post
The lower power is not a big deal on an ADV bike as long as it's in the right place but if there is too much Honda plastic around I wouldn't like to drop the thing too much. They have done some pretty efficient bikes as concepts years ago, so will be interesting.
Well be honest, the S10 has plastic all over too ;-)

The thing is, the engineers are forced by upcoming European laws to do something about the horrendous bad feul economy of motorbikes, if you look at cars (and politicians don't understand much of aerodynamics) they say, its quite inbelievable a 1200 kg car is as efficcient as a 250 kg motorbike, hauling 4 four people instead of 2.

So the new planned Euro 4 thats planned could have also a fuel consumption rule, not only a ppm measure, its still all just planning talks, but it could get bikes with incredable mileage, like the Heron heads did for te MM3,5 in the 70's.

So it could be, we not lose power that much, because feul economy is in essence getting *all* power out of the gas. Now feul is getting more and more bike and eco unfriendly with the high percentage of food mixed through it, there will be a huge gain if they tune the bikes better to eating maizefeul :-)

(though i find it ridiculous, to mix falkuable food through our gas, but thats more something for another forum...)
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