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A very nice company named J&M Products (SoCal) took my specs and sent me a couple of their clamps to demo. I will get the clamp number and specs for y'all later so you can order or get some for yourselves...

The other ones I got at HD are below the envelope:

Now when you bend them over the bar and tabs they fit nearly perfectly, well essentially perfectly So I'm thinkin plug and play... BUT, these clamps are designed to align the fastener holes when closed and the tabs don't allow that so i started the process of filing one hole so that the fastener could get through. of course I don't have the right tool for that job (dremel) and i have other things to do so i only half completed it, but y'all could easily finish this job yerselves:

Note the inner part of the clamp won't sit until the hole is fixed:

Once this mod is complete they should be great!
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