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As things are kind of bouncing around and some great reports coming in from folks involved in the project I figured a map would help folks visualize where we are talking about.

This is a pretty rough outline of the Eastern TCAT

The green line on the right side is Newfoundland. Skibum69 is making this section...not complete but I believe it will involve some slab up the vgiking highway, part of an old rail line and maybe some gravel roads. (approx 2-4 days)

The black line is the Trans Labrador Highway. Over 2000 kilometeres, about a 65-35 mix of gravel and pavement. Nice big easy to navigate roads. (Approx 2-4 days)

The yellow line is Fab's section of the route. It could be broken into three parts. Baie Comeau to Labrieville is the first section (heading west to east) and is a mix of logging roads, 380 km between gas. This is the section Fab is referring to in his previous posts. The second part if from Labrieville to Chicoutimi and is about 250 km's of logging roads. Keep in mind that Labrieville is a very small general store and gas stop. Very remote section of the TCAT (the 380 + 250) and from fabs words and from my experience.....way the feck out there and a consistant source of people loosing their shoes, lol. The third part of Fab's section goes from Chcoutimmi to Chibougamua, again logging roads make up the most of this section. (approx 3-6 days)

The red section is Juames and myself section. The first half (from Chibougamau to Ottawa) consists of logging roads, the second half consists of gravel roads and a handful of trails. (Approx 6-12 days)

The grey section was built upon sugesstions from Finnidian (Gord). A mix of gravel roads, logging roads and some trails. There are previous posts by SDWebb, myself and Gord on this area. (Approx 2-4 days)

The pink section was created by myself and parts have yet to be tested, but looks good on paper Next summer this is on the plate for me. (Approx 1-2 days)

The blue section is the one that Hardwaregrrl is reporting on and has been kind enough to "test ride" for us (Approx 3-6 days)

As you can see it is all coming together nicley. The bulk of this half of the route is complete or very close to being complete. Based on some rough educated guesses I would say this half of the TCAT will take folks between 19 to 38 days to complete.

The western half has also had a lot of work on it by those involved and looks to be good on paper. The bulk of it has been ridden and from the pics and reports looks to be outstanding. If all goes to plan I am taking the bulk of next summer off (August-Sept) and will be riding the entire western half in one go. I think I am in for something special

Sorry about the interruption, keep the reports coming
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