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You are in a unique position to help many folks understand some differences between a bike in need of a tuneup vs a bike that doesn't need one AND what changes the IICE-Aire can make to both states of tune. Perhaps we could prevail upon you to be the guinea pig, you know for the good of science…

So like run the bike for a bit and then move the jumper back to stock then run the bike some more. Take notes.

The adjust the valves and check and adjust the rocker end play and check the TPS voltage, and change the oil, then run the bike. Take more notes. Then change the jumper back to -20 or -30 and let us know what you notice…

Just think of the fame and notoriety, not to mention admiration from an untold numbers of ADV'rs.


Originally Posted by jbdesigns View Post
Ride Report:
Bike condition
04 GSA 1150
stock headers, remus y pipe, Akra pipe
stock air filter (haven't changed it in awhile, probably should)
Steptoe jumper trick to help with cat removal and aftermarket free flow pipe
removal of cannister thing
I do only street riding, no dirt. pilot 3 tires.
I'm fairly big, 6-4", 245+ pounds without gear
mobil 1 15-50 oil (needs changing now)
I did a valve adjust right after getting the bike a couple years ago.

Without the IICE air:
bike has always been a good runner. with the pipe mod and cat removal, I noticed a bit more pep in the bike. I like the sound of the pipe also. idle is around 1200-1250rpm. has always been fairly smooth. there is a flat spot in power at about 4100rpm-5000rpm on full throttle acceleration. I don't notice that I have any surge. running at 35mph is not super easy to do but the bike will run ok below 3000rpm if needed crusing through towns.

with the IICE air installed:
took maybe 35seconds to install this thing. pull off seat. unplug the wire from the temperature sensor. plug the IICE air into the sensor and the other wire into the wire just removed. coil wires around in a circle and lay the thingy on its side on top of the air box. put seat back on. Done! don't need to be more creative as to change the jumper just takes a minute to pop off seat and do the change.

ok, I have only rode my bike with this installed for about 15 miles today. 70F day, sunny, 800-1200 feet above seal level. only the tail bag installed. I was also not ATTGAT today for the ride.
idle seemed about the same, but maybe a little smoother. it started up just fine and maybe took a couple rotations of the crank less to get fired up. setting first tried is -20.

it felt a bit stronger around 3000rpm than before. a bit more snappy. the flat spot is still there around 4100rpm. I didn't have pinging before ever, still don't. I know this thing is really just for the acceleration part, but I really felt that the motor was more behaved running at 3000rpm going through town at about 42mph. and also steady state throttle at about 50 or so in 5th seemed extra smooth. dunno, but it felt like the motor was just a bit more composed and steady, trying to emulate a rice burner.

rolling on the throttle produced more torque feeling. not enough to feel like my front is going to come up, but it is better. maybe 20% better feeling torque. if I rolled on to full throttle acceleration from a 3000rpm in 4th or 5th gear, initially it felt stronger, but once past 3800rpm, I don't think there is a significant difference in total horsepower. like others have stated, it seems more torquey where we runn most of the time, 3000-4000rpm.

i still get popping if decelerating and not putting throttle all the way to idle. I don't mind that though, it is kind of cool to me. this thing didn't seem to change that and I guess is that it isn't suppose to. without the cat, extra fuel is going to simply backfire instead of being burned by the cat.

I do like the change though. engine seems more.... sophisticated.

at -30, it initially felt like it could have been stronger still since I have no cat. I ran it like this for a little bit and changed back to -20. in reality, right now, I think I need something like -25 I put it back to -20 for now and that still seemed good. -30 for me didn't really seem too fat like some have thought. as it cools off, I will likely go back to -30 setting.

summary, my bike which already ran pretty well for a boxer, still runs good with the IICE air but with some improvements in a few spots. I like the additional bit of extra torque at 3000rpm and I like the seemingly smoother steady state operation at 3000-4000rpm. on the highway at 75, it also felt really good and stable. why that should be when the device is only targeting the accelerating part of the operation, don't know, but I will take it.

hot restart felt like it came to life a little more agressive and quickly. like as soon as the engine started to crank, it fired up. I think before it took maybe one to 1.5 revolutions to start. now it is like maybe starting on 1/2 revolution.

I will be adding the cool product once it goes on sale.

thanks Pool for sticking with a tiresome looking assembly process to get this built.
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