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Originally Posted by johnjen View Post
You are in a unique position to help many folks understand some differences between a bike in need of a tuneup vs a bike that doesn't need one AND what changes the IICE-Aire can make to both states of tune. Perhaps we could prevail upon you to be the guinea pig, you know for the good of science…

So like run the bike for a bit and then move the jumper back to stock then run the bike some more. Take notes.

The adjust the valves and check and adjust the rocker end play and check the TPS voltage, and change the oil, then run the bike. Take more notes. Then change the jumper back to -20 or -30 and let us know what you notice…

Just think of the fame and notoriety, not to mention admiration from an untold numbers of ADV'rs.

Holy crap man, don't you know I too have a job which takes 10-12 hours out of my day, a 4 season porch to finish up with electrical, insul, drywall, trim, flooring and paint. a living room that MUST get painted per the one at home who wears the pants, racing rc cars with my sons, etc.....

actually, I would like to do this for everyone. cause, my bike does need an oil change, it is time to do the valve adjust again, don't know if i will fuss with rocker end play (need to read the adjust for dummies thing again), never have checked my TPS voltage, and how do I know if i need new stick coils? (plus, where are these infamous stick coils?)

You do bring up a good point though, as I was driving, I said to myself, "should I also go through the bike to make sure nothing is up with it before really trying to evaluate this magical little black box with 4 pin positions?"

question and hopefully your answer will not bias my findings, but.... do you suspect that some of those items might be out of adjustment on my bike? as in, if I am not finding as significant of a difference in the bike as others have noticed, that it could be because it is a bit out of wonker right now?

thanks JJ
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