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Originally Posted by mroddis View Post
Guys, enjoying very much reading about your trip/adventure. Truly inspiring!

Wondering how you are finding the KTM? I'm in a similar situation of just about to take the training course, then looking for a bike that I can take to Inuvik (via Dempster Highway/Alaska) in 2013. My heart says KTM 950 adv, but a little part of me is worried that it's 'too much bike'. Planning on using 2012 as prep to get in some good riding experience along gravel/roads around here. Would love your perspective on it. (how it feels, if it's scared you yet, if it's too hard to work on, if you'd buy another one!)

If you're still in Vancouver would be great to buy you a coffee and see your setup.

(also, we vacation is Osoyoos every year - part of the only desert (i think) in Canada - so it typically has 30 degree days with the warmest lake in Canada too)

Ride safe and enjoy the ride.

Osoyoos was awesome. I'm definitely going to vacation there after this trip.

We're so behind in blogging that we haven't even posted about Vancouver yet. We left Vancouver almost 3 weeks ago. We're currently in Salt Lake City, Utah, heading down to Provo today and then to Moab for this weekend (and my birthday).

I love my 990. Working on it hasn't been too bad so far. This is my first bike and the first bike I have ever worked on. I'm also a beginner mechanic, but I went to school for electrical engineering. So far, we've done a valve clearance check, water pump rebuild, brake and clutch fluid changes, and oil changes. John, in Calgary, taught me how to change the rear tire, and the guys at the KTM shop outside of Portland showed us how to properly adjust the chain tension. It doesn't seem too bad. After looking at some KLRs and some older BMWs, the 990 does look a lot more complicated, but, so far, it's not too bad.

Here's a link to the thread in which I was asking about this bike before I bought it: HERE

I don't think it's too much bike at all, but, then again, I have nothing to compare it to. I haven't killed my self yet. My perspective is that you are at the controls and the bike basically does what you tell it to and goes where you point it to go.

Here is a good quote from the thread I posted above:
Rockwell...despite the best intentions of the warnings don't let "too much bike" throw you. If bikes kill people then pencils misspell words, spoons cause obesity and cars make people drive drunk.

You simply need to approach the bike with the understanding that it is unforgiving and use your noodle appropriately. Stupidity kills people, not motos.
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