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my next mod 2 hiway comfort mods are:

-lower foot pegs

-madstad windshield for road touring days. i can keep my existing small screen on and can easily unbolt the robobracket (with screen coming with it) when need be for dirt day riding or say when i've arrived at camp from a long hiway ride and want to unload and go rode a local dirt ride . i would then be left with only the unobtrusive (turbocity) racks on the bike. madstad system is the only one that has full adjustment angles available to fine tune for height or air flow differences. since it stands off the front of the oem light shield, it also has air coming up the backside providing essential naca duct/laminar air flow to reduce buffeting. this is why those other cheaper bolt on screens produce so much buffeting. the don't have a naca duct.
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