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Originally Posted by itsatdm View Post
There are other types of regulators out there that "should" work, that use relays instead of shunting excess amps to the frame. An on demand type that may prolong stator life. Called Mosfet. Triumph apparently uses this type of regulator. Here is an aftermarket source.

You do not want one that outputs more than 14.5v. The above one is rated at 30amps.

Being an electrical idiot, can some one commit on what 30 amps is referring to? I am assuming the max rating of each of the stator output wires. I know some of you have measured stator output on the F800, what are the the readings.

Can't find a source for what effect on Canbus this may have, any thoughts?

That is not the case unfortunately, a MOSFET R/R will do nothing for stator life. It's just a more efficient switching circuit, so it heats up less. That is good on bikes that regularly burn out R/Rs, but not in our case. Guess where that extra power gets dissipated instead - the stator.

The type that will help is a series type regulator that I mentioned above. I explained it in another thread on stators here in the parallel universe how it does it by reducing the actual power being produced, will post it again when I have access to a computer.

Btw the rating of a R/R refers to the total power it can deal with, not each of the wires.
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