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Dirt Farming: NY/PA style

Figured I'd start a new report for daily rides since I usually pack a camera and it's nice to have a place to post the pics. This will be updated as I go and hopefully highlight some good dirt roads in the area and as my experience in the dual sport world grows maybe even some more technical trails. For now I'm in a search for good seasonal roads and until today it's been difficult to find what I'm looking for. I hadn't planned on riding today. Drove to work since I have to pick up my kids later but it was sunny this morning, a perfect fall day. I left work at noon and went home to get the bike.
I live in NY state but the PA border is just down the road. Decided to hit PA and see what I could find. These shots are all taken around the Little Meadows area somewhere. I found all sorts of good roads out there.

I guess you've all run into this. No problem, there were better places to go.

Places like this...

with cool old things...

and lot's of wild life! This thing was the size of a football and active. I shut the bike off so they wouldn't try to mate with it.

I found Jesus out there. He was in someones yard, they had a bench placed in front of him and I suppose they sit there and discuss the worlds problems with him...

Some cool stones in a graveyard...

Lot's of flooding around here lately. Finding closed or washed out bridges is easy. Finding your way around them is fun

more good dirt...

and wild life. I hate these things...

Home, Sweet, Home

just needs a mattress and a little paint...

the creek is encroaching in the property. Lot's of creeks around here are eroding badly and finding new paths...

I think this might have been a store at one time

That's today's look at Dirt Farming in PA. Stay tuned for more.


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