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Originally Posted by Niedz View Post
I have never heard that removing the canister can help alleviate cold stalling issues. I still have my canister and have had stalling issues come and go. When I got the second battery warrantied the stalling issue went away, but has since returned. When I had the bike at the dealer for the 6000mi service they cleaned the throttle body and idle actuator.
I suppose its time to remove my canister (something I've intended to do for a while).

Can anyone tell me the procedure for resetting the TPS? I searched pretty vigorously in all the pertinent X-threads, but couldn't get it to turn up. This time I will save it!
key off
key on
throttle wide open
throttle full close
throttle wide open
throttle full close
key off
key on
start engine with no throttle
allow engine to find idle without touching throttle
once it settles into an idle, key off
you're done.
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