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What a great project. Getting to safe and reliable for use is a worthy goal. I see a two stage process. First stage is partial dissassebly for cleaning and inspection.

Safety means new tires and tubes.

A through cleaning of tank, petcocks and carbs is required for reliability. Do that once right and be done with that. Do pull the front cover. Go over all the wiring terminals under there as well as the headlight pod and under tank area. Clean and tight everywhere.

Just standard maintenance elsewhere. Valves, oil and filter, lube, splines, head bearing and swingarm tension, the basics. New battery then just test all lights and switches.

Flush and renew the brake fluid, then pull the handle as hard as you can and verify firm and no leaks. Rebuild master and calipers if required.

Then you can fire it up and test drive, tune the carbs.

Stage two is to put a few hundred miles on it and see if you got some leaking seals somewhere and monitoring for proper function of all systems.

Sure hope it wasn't stored with gas in the tank and carbs.
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