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John and I waited for a while at the gas station. No one showed up. We then rode beyond the next gas station and there wasn't a bike to be found. John and BigBearRider rode up to the trailhead while I backtracked up Van Dusen. When I found h8chains, he had already backtracked to the previous stop and found no one. Joel went to get gas and then continued to the trail head. I went around the North side of the lake to get to the trailhead faster where I expected to find everyone waiting for us. Not a single bike was there except John and BigBearRider. We checked every street on the East side of Baldwin lake for bike tracks and none were to be found. I love it when a plan falls apart. After wasting at least an hour trying to figure out where everyone had gone we said puck it and started heading toward Pioneertown. We figured that KTami and luv2race must have gone to the hospital because Ami had fallen during the last section. We also figured that the rest of the riders just continued on there way. It was just h8chains, johngil, BigBearRider and myself.




BigBearRider crossing a small puddle.

H8chains X2

Johngil X2

Along the way we found a few riders waiting for some other riders. None of them were even on the right road. We still had no idea what was going on so we just continued to Pioneertown. When we got there, only about half of the riders were there. While eating lunch, we found out that Ami was, in fact, in the hospital. Only it wasn't due to the fall we knew of, it was because of a fall he had later.

After lunch at Pappy & Harriet's, sito and I made an effort to secure my muffler. Thanks sito for the help and spafxer for the wire and PJH66 for the cutters. With an ADVrider group, someone will always have what you need. Due to time constraints, I didn't ask if anyone was carrying a mig welder.

Scorpion, johngil and spafxer


JohnF and scorpion

Jason and El Zorrillo

H8chains. Still a little warm.

Sito and BigBearRider. Finally they meet.

Riddler990, riceless950 and sito.

On the way back we finally crossed paths with most of the rest of the riders. They were moving, trying to get to Pappy & Harriet's before they switched to the dinner menu. I don't suspect they had much light on their way back.

The group I was with hit the puddle again.

El Zorrillo



And sito, the winner of the Big Splash Award.

Just before getting back to the street, I ran over a nail. After killing 2 new tubes, the nail was discovered, making the third one a little more successful. Thanks for all of the help guys. At least it wasn't hot and we had a good jack. Although I had wanted to stay in town and ride Sunday, by the time I got to Big Bear I just wanted to get home before something else went wrong with my bike. I could always coast down the mountain then get a tow if necessary. Luckily I had no issues on the 100 trip home, mostly in the dark.

All in all, I had a great day of riding with a lot of friends and would do it again in a second. I hope everyone else enjoyed it also with the possible exception of Ami.
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