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Your doing just fine. They all want to know if your engine and trans are OK or they can start feeding on the remains after you decide to give it up. Fix the wheels and clean the gas tank. I can see what you are doing and it will have more cohesiveness as you make more progress. Rebuilding the carbs, maybe just a light rebuild, right away is cool too. And of course I would have new oil in in before the first crank. It's gonna go. I've done this before and they want to live. Well hopefully.

Did you rinse the tank yet? It should be rinsed pretty good at least. How much crud was in it? Should replace fuel lines. pretty cheap to do. They old rubber will be very bad after 30 years. Maybe check petcocks?

Very soon after she fires up you're going for a ride. That's what I do. I have that little stuff out of the way before starting because I'm not going to grease a wheel bearing after she fires up. We are moving out.
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