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I'm a bonified tool nut.

have always believed ... look at a man's tools and you can quickly tell what he's all about.

Thanks for sharing. Very true. Nice accumulation or are you calling it a collection? Since you admit to being a tool nut, just wait till you see some of the special tools that you'll be craving. The BMW originals can be hard to come by. They are getting real collectable. There are quality modern versions and reasonably priced. One of the best sources and you'll be getting stuff here soon is Cycle Works. They have recently come out with a couple of things we have been needing for Airhead servicing. The have a new multi-tool to get into the timing case. It includes pullers that the equivalent generic type are pretty heavy and pretty expensive. And I was there today to get some wheel shims, I saw this new engine holding stand. Something that Airheads have not had access to for a long time.

Or maybe I could make my own but I don't think it would be that nice.

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