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For those that think the Australasian Safari JUST turned up on the radar...

out of the OZ ADV regional forum,

from the archives...


Don’t be Depres’ed Cyril…

24 and Zero… Aussie’s undefeated in Oz Safari title fight against allcomers – since 1985.

1985 – CHAPMAN “wynns safari” over RAHIER. An epic sportsman’s battle over nine rounds, between the Dakar legend and (to become)
Safari icon… Gaston showed true sportsmanship of unparalleled sort, when he guided the “lights out” Chapman in the darkness of the morning
start to the final day, with the words; “You follow my lights… and then, when the sun come up – we race!”

(so folks, the 25 year Aussie dominance of the Oz Safari could have been broken – before it even started –
if not for the sporting gesture of the great little Belgian).

1986 – 1988: All Aussie battles; CUNNYNGHAME and CHAPMAN take Sydney – Darwin victories,
with GODDARD champ in 1988 after grueling 15 round continental title fight.

1989 – CHAPMAN takes third Safari belt; NEVEU DQ’d in 4th round on technicality after unsportsmanlike conduct
(from the defending 1988 Dakar Champ), with result he “closes the gate” on the Safari…
thus coining the Safari term “a real Cyril”.

Neveu's Italian team mate Guido Maletti however, stayed on to finish the race...

1990 – HEDERICS – first title in “all aussie” nine round battle.

1991 – HEDERICS defends title. Un-tipped bantam weight French contender (Richard) SAINCT makes rallye debut ,
but left on canvas after TKO’d late in 7th of 9 rounds while in third place.

Olle Ohlssonmade his first appearance at safari in 1991... since then 7 safari entries - the most of any overseas competitor.

1992 – Hat trick for HEDERICSSouth African prizefighter (Jeremy) DAVIES knocked out in round four after early battle for the lead.
Swedish challenger (Olle) OHLSSON taken out by the Cagiva heavyweight CRASHINGHAME late in round 7…
after entire field decimated by desert survival epic.

1993 – GODDARD makes it two title belts, after two year hiatus.
Victory over BMW heavyweight and Dakar veteran LOISSEAUX (France) who take 2nd step on podium.

Hedge takes fourth title as Goddard crash & burns
in all Australian champion three way championship battle.

Hederics takes fifth national title fight from Riley and Hoffmann.

International heavyweight prize fight – HEDERICS vs KINIGADNER vs ORIOLI;
in a “no holds barred” tag team match. The Italian Stallion (defending 1995 Dakar Champ) Edi Orioli
went out early in round 1 with simple equipment failure, leaving “Kini” and Hedge to wage a battle up front.
The Austrian dominated early… the wily Australian relying of his stamina and knowledge.
At one point the Australian stopped round three to help the Austrian (ran out of fuel on road section)
towing him to the next refuel fuel point; explaining with Rahier-like sportsmanship…
“in Australia we like to win – or lose – on the track…”.
The fight was decided on the following day when Heinz knocked himself out with a self administered uppercut
after getting lost from the change rooms on the way out to the ring for round 4.
Swedish cruiserweight and ISDE medalist GRÖNLUND stands on 3e podium in defense of Europe’s honor.

Mac Haig with one of the two factory Belgarda TT660 Yamaha's for he and team mate Edi Orioli
(in background) for the 1996 Safari... both out with electric/air filter problems.

The man with a big finger in the Honda domination pie throughout the 80's, 90's and into the 2000's... Mr Peter "DUCK" McDonald.

1997 – Rookie HAYDON knocks out all-comers on debut! Including Frenchman SAINCT
in round two (terminal mechanical heart failure of an underprepared bike).
Aussie’s Sinderberry and Shearer share podium.


1999 – HONDA vs KTM: Riley, McDonald and Greenfield square off against Haydon, Caldecott and Coaker
in a Northern Territory all domestic dust up…
NT rookie GREENFIELD emerges victorious for Honda on home soil.

Geenfield at Mindle beach Darwin

Haydon with #1 in 1999...

Back in those days, Coak was pioneering the Husaberg cause in rally competition under the support of friend, mentor and longtime Safari competitor - Olle Ohlsson SWEDEN.

Clown Olle mech's at the 1999 UAE Desert Challenge - same bike Coak used at the 1999 Aust. Safari.

2000 – CALDECOTT dynasty begins…
Andy’s first (Northern) territorial victory over middleweight US contender (Casey) McCOY on XR400.

2001 – CALDECOTT defends title in NT.
McCOY back from USA with heavyweight XR6.5 but loses out in points battle for podium,
to team mate Greenfield (2nd) and KTM “UK ring in” Coaker (3rd).

SafariBerg has now taken over the Husaberg cause... after starting out on a... KTM??!! Guess SafariKTM didn't roll off the tongue.

2002 – CALDECOTT hat-trick!
Defeats Sinderberry, from (Alfie) COX (Sth Africa) third, and LUNDMARK (Sweden) 4th,
while McCOY (USA) retires in New South Wales FIM World Cup points match up.

2003 – FOUR IN A ROW for CALDECOTT; after tripping over the bucket and nearly drowning in round one…!
A convincing defeat of international contenders; (Jean) BRUCY (France), (Carlos) DeGavardo (Brazil) by Caldecott;
who took podium from local GHR Honda riders - Sinderberry and ex-pat Aussie Coaker.

DeGavardo 2003

2004 – GHR Honda “Young gun” CUNNINGHAM victory
over “all aussie” podium (Channing and Schwarz)
as international challenge from YAMAHA (David) FRETIGNÉ (France) and McCOY (USA) fades in middle rounds.

Fretigne 2004 safari


2007 – GHR GRABHAM B takes “YOUNG GUNS” battle
to new heights over YAMAHA debutant – 18 year old (Jake) SMITH… from a field of “Safari Stalwarts’”.

2008 – Back 2 back GHR/GRABHAM tiles in “Young Guns II” shoot out;
from RodF (Yam) and “Brother Damien” GHR.

2009 – “SMITH Jake” VICTORY vs SMITH Todd vs GRABBO Ben in “fastest ever to date” Safari battle…
It’s just not boxing any more… it’s ultimate fighter stuff! The pace escalating from 2007 thru 2008…

Glenn Hoffman at extreme left of photo celebrates the GHR teams 2009 victory... over 20 years of safari competition and multiple wins and placings as
both rider and team owner/manager... is without a doubt the most experienced MOTO rally team manager in Australia.

2010 – GRABHAM heads all CPW/KTM #1, #2, #3
from (Todd) SMITH and (Matt) FISH in domination of the “toughest WA Safari yet staged”…

2011 – “THE KING of RALLYE vs. THE WIZARDS of OZ”…
one man; DESPRES (KTM RedBull) vs. 6 man Aussie tag team title defense
(CPW/KTM x 2 Grabbo/Fish, GHR Honda SMITH’s x 2 & YAMAHA x 2 Rod F/Diener).
Safari BrothersTodd SMITH and Jake SMITH victorious with the lone Yamaha of Fagotter in third,
as French champion retires injured during round 6 and opts to “live to fight another day”, thus missing the prize ceremony.

So there you have it fight fans… the sporting headlines from the 24 Oz safari title matches held to date…
Despite some good attempts from overseas challengers, the Australians remain undefeated…
WHO will claim the title in 2012…?
Will it be one of the international stars, spurred on by the efforts of “Cyril Mk II” to take the crown,
or will it be another victory for the Aussie bred elite of scrub pilots that currently dominate?

I look forward in anticipation of another 12 months, until we get the chance to find that out…!

One thing that the seasoned professional Despres will no doubt take back to the “euro” fight camp
is that the “ground rules” of the Australian conditions may well be a trifle different perhaps
to the “establishment” of the F.(rench)I.M., as well as the tenacity of the “Aussie scappers” that fight over “their” title…
but in the brawl “down under” that has become the Australiasian Safari these last few editions;
the tactical sparring of years gone by from safari veterans and the “gentlemen Dakar racers” has been tossed out of the ring…
this new generation of “YOUNG GUNS” come out from their corners swinging right and left hooks straight from the bell!

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