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Originally Posted by alexisan View Post
Hi guys, I am about to do the same when I get my TKC's next week.
Could you tell me some tricks on "How to"

1. cleaning the surface
2. cover up the nipples
3. apply silicon, using a gun (?)
4. level surface
5. wait 24 hours
6. Hope it doesnt leak..

Would that be the sequence?
My rear is still fine after around 65,000 km (40,000 miles). However, filling the valley with mastic does make changing tyres more difficult - for this reason I'll be using blobs of glue on the spoke nipples next time.

Anyway, to answer your questions:

1. Carb cleaner, brake cleaner, contact cleaner or acetone
2. A small dot of grease on the nipple, then a disk of masking tape
3. By gun with no nozzle
4. With a plastic spatula cut to to shape so that it runs along the rim on both sides, leaving a skim of mastic about 5mm over the nipples.
5. Wait as long as you can - a week, or more if possible.
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