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Originally Posted by alexisan View Post
Hi guys, I am about to do the same when I get my TKC's next week.
Could you tell me some tricks on "How to"

1. cleaning the surface
2. cover up the niples
3. apply silicon, using a gun (?)
4. level surface
5. wait 24 hours
6. Hope it doesnt leak..

Would that be the sequence?
"Goop" works well. It has Very good adhesion, is clear so you can see any voids or bubbles, and
one small tube will easily do any rim. Each spoke is done individually; about 1/4 of the rim at a time,
till it dries for 12 hrs or so, then at least one more trip around after completion. Goop stays flexible and
springy, and the only way to remove it is grinding, or a chisel.. Any leaks later are easily fixed with
an additional dab.
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