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Originally Posted by planemanx15 View Post

I bought a DL1000 8 weeks ago and have been riding that almost all the time, and I think I came to a conclusion..

The DR is the bike for me.

I'm not tall (5'8") not heavy, and not that strong. It takes a lot to keep the big DL upright at a stand still, and frankly, I think it might be over powered for me. I love it on the highway, and my girlfriend loves getting on it, but its just too much for me.

I will probably sell the DL and use some of the funds to make the DR a beast. Change out the Carb, a real deal windshield, and get a real seat. I spoke to Sargent about getting a a DL style seat for the DR, and they can do it, but didn't sound too comfortable with it.

As for the Girlfriend, She basically said she was happy on the DR, spoiled by the DL (her only gripe about the DL was the seat was too big, and she could move around a lot), and with a new seat, *should* be okay on the DR.
I felt the same way about the DL1000 that I owned. It was a great bike, and cruised effortlessly on the highway, but was just too much bike for me. The power was intoxicating, but completely unnecessary, so I sold it.
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