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Part 2

Ok ok , here it is..
where was i ??
Lunch on the first day ... righto after several more ales & some suggestion we should slow down & pull our heads in or there would be no one left by dinner time we discussed the next leg of our adventure.
Cape palmeston was the plan, till Slow XR piped up & said theres ONLY 15k of deeep sand to get there via the inland track as the high tide had the beach track closed for several hours,
You could have heard a pin drop with the rest of the crew.....
It was then decided i could follow Slow XR up the sand track & report back with photos from the tip.... good on yuh fellas send the new guy!!!
While the rest floundered around in the little sand track into notch point!!!
Well I made it to the tip....nuthin to do but breeeathe!!

i think SXR was getting sick of waiting for me , sand & lots of it is NOT one of my strong points!!
we came we saw we left..

I was not keen to go back the way we came rather deciding to wait for the tide to go out & attack the beach, well worth the wait, anyone that has never held WOT on a beach of hard sand in top gear has never lived whooo hooo..
Although i did hear SXR mention something about soft sand around the headland,!!! what the hell did he know??? he was only a local & i was a cow cocky , only thing i knew about sand is the one in 3 mix when making concrete for post holes!!!!
BIIIGG mistake listen to the lad who knows , i was barrelling down the beach at warp 3 when.... low & behold soft sand, only thing was, i only knew it was soft sand when the bloody katto had gone into a death spiral!!! the bloody bars were shakin like a one legged dog shitting broken glass!!!
The mechanised bucking bull at retreat creek would have been a walk in the park after that ride!!
I swear for several seconds i was sure i was gunna die !!
my main concern being ,is that if anyone would have been able to find my mangled body after i would have speared into the sand like a goanna up the leg yuh trousers!!! yep i've seen all those half buried 4x4's at fraser on the telly!!
Slowed down a little after that ,
i'm sure SXR is still laughing!!
Next shock to the system to this country bumkin was upon exiting the beach, there in all his glory ,in full birthday suit !!was a bloke bending over knocking tent pegs in with full porn star wax job... i'm telling you!!
THATS gunna take some erasing from my memory!!!
seen enough we are out of here ...
met up with the rest of the tag team at ilbilbie, SXR & i fuelled up while the others headed west in search of dead end roads & cold beer!!
SXR having some insight into QR access roads led us back to the top of koumala range via a track over the top of black mountain, what a bloody ripper , nice track luke i'll keep that one under my hat.
Finally after meandering across to blue mountain road we ended up at retreat creek pub sat back had a few beers & dinner & every one retired by 8.30.
All in preparation for the captains run the next day.... Stay tuned for part 3
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