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I've considered Motoport gear. I have always stopped short of buying it. I am distinctly unconvinced by their marketing approach that their gear is particularly better than other items that cost vastly less money. At anything remotely approaching their prices, I want to see CE test results. Specifically, abrasion test results AND burst/tear strength of both bulk material AND seams. Note that I say I want to see test reults. I don't necessarily care about the certification itself, but the full-spectrum testing I want to see. Styling (to include available colors) has also been an obstacle for me to buy from Motoport.

Presently, I wear a heavy leather jacket with lots of armor. Sas-Tec is some of what's in the jacket. For lower-body protection, I have Forcefield shorts and pants that I wear under my m/c pants.

I suspect I'm a little different market than most on this board, though, as I'm mainly a commuter in metro Phoenix. So, I need clothing that'll flow some air, but not too much. I need protection _from_ the wind/heat more than anything else in the airflow area. LD Comfort will take care of the heat issue if I have controllable airflow.
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