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Next day.
Already usual quick breakfast, and we are getting more excited, because we are already 1500km from home and getting closer to our goal. If we can manage our usual 700km a day, we will be in Georgia tomorrow! If everything goes well of course...

Next to our campsite was strange "canyon" while otherwise was landscape quite flat

Soon after that we arrived Voronezh and I thought that now it's time to take some video. (Video itself will take some time though so be patient .)

Despite gps we somehow get lost in Voronezh or more precisely couldn't find right direction. Our russian gps map was generally very accurate but sometimes suggested really "interesting" routes. At this time we knew that it's approximately 1300km to Georgian border, but gps managed to put together a route, which was 5000km long!
With the help of paper maps, compass, common sense and road signs we could program our gps again and find also right direction. We turned south to M4, which should lead us to Rostov, 500km away. Not very common for us to see signs on highway bridges "Pay taxes!"

Our way to south was an easy cruising on smooth highway for several hours at 140km/h now. Not so common in Russia! Some roadworks didn't slow us down much.

But we were entering russian agricultural zone and more and more Kamaz trucks with trailers loaded with grain or something other slowed everything down. Those ancient russian trucks didn't exceed 50km/h on highway and slowed down to pedestrian speed on ascents, blowing out dark clouds from exhausts. Luckily while other traffic stopped completely, we could still pass cars and trucks and keep moving. We did scare some truck drivers coming from opposite directions, sorry. But traffic was getting more and more insane anyway, so I hope they weren't very surprised

Almost always there was a business going on on the roadside. Every second shop was selling different car parts and we could see a lot of "tuned" cars. Most popular were every kind of lights, LED's, HID's. And every second car has dark tinted windows. And not only rear windows, but even windshields! I don't know how they could drive in darkness?

This is the reason of all traffic jams in Russia - fully (or even more) loaded Kamaz truck

We encountered some more traffic jams. I don't know how many hours those cars spent in this jam.

While russian trucks were mostly old and worn, most harvesters on the other hand seemed to be brand new.

We finally passed Rostov and decided it's time to buy something to eat (and drink ) for tonight.

While I was in the shop, Jänx discovered a flat rear tyre on his BMW. Oh yes, it was a time! We had been driving over 2000km without any technical problems. While it was already evening and Jänx's rear wasn't completely flat, we decided to try to add some air with our small compressor and drive on.

Soon we arrived at 1111th kilometer sign and of course had to take some pictures

After that we had to rush to find a place for our tent before total darkness arrives. To be honest, we actually managed to park our bikes before it was totally dark.

Some refreshments for tonight

After some drinks our Mr.Writer Jänx find some inspiration and concentrated to writing his travel story. I haven't seen his memoirs from last year trip yet, but sometime in the future there will be a book, definately!

Almost 700km covered this day, 700 more to border.

Beyond clouds 2011
Beyond arctic circle 2010
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