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A little background on my riding experience while I have time to write. I've had my license since I turned 16 but never owned a bike until 4 years ago. I would borrow bikes when I was younger and go to the showrooms every year and look but never buy. Once I had kids the thought never crossed my mind, much, and I once tried to have the mc part removed from my license but they were going to charge me to do that so I kept it intact. When I did start riding I started with a Ninja 500 and loved that bike. Great starter but I took my buddy's VFR out for a spin and got rid of the Ninja shortly after buying an 00 Triumph Sprint. That was followed by an 06 Sprint which got totaled last summer with a few broken ribs, etc., and I replaced that with an 07 Tiger which I still have and love. I've loved all those bikes and the DR has won a special place in my heart. My first real trip was tiny but being my first felt like something monumental. Just a 3 hour trip out to the PA Grand Canyon staying over night in a motel. I was hooked after that. When I picked up the 00 Sprint I took a 3 day ride around the ADK mountains. Last year I bought camping gear and did a lot of long weekend trips and one week long trip around NE and a good share of ME. This summer I had a 3 week ride out west on the Tiger and that was the best. You all know how it goes, the more you go the longer you want to stay out there. I'm no different. I've been hooked on the amazing ride reports here and that's really what's inspired me to travel more. Hopefully I'll be able to make longer and farther trips in the future but right now I'm exploring the local dirt roads and absolutely loving it. Sometimes the stuff right under your nose is the best if you know how and where to find it. The DR allows me to look deeper and learn new skills in the process. The DR rocks but the Tiger isn't going anywhere, it's just too good of a bike to let go.
Tomorrow is a Tiger day in search of fire towers. It should handle the task fine. I'll be breaking in a special woman as a new passenger and she will be more comfortable on the Tiger, I want her to be comfortable on her first real ride.

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