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Originally Posted by erkmania View Post
As I tried to explain, I didn't see a thorough enough explanation to my query. I did go through those links and still didn't see one that satisfied my curiosity.

More succinctly, is the temperature offset of the IICE Air linear across the temperature band? Adding a simple inline resistor does not accomplish this as I've learned. What I understood from the links provided is that the IICE Air can be set to different offsets, i.e.-unaltered, -10, -20 and -30C. I didn't see any discussion about the linearity of the offsets. Perhaps I read/scanned the info too briefly to glean an answer.

Perhaps I'm just dense. This wouldn't be the first time, after all, since my scalp is now burnt from circling the sun so many times.
The answer to your question could be both yes and no.
The IICE-Aire uses thermistors just like the stock air sensor and the output from a thermistor isn't linear to begin with, so that is the no answer.

But since the IICE-Aire uses thermistors that are 'offset' by -10, -20, and -30 degrees, then the answer is yes they are offset across the temperature band.

There are no resistors used in the IICE-Aire.

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