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Bringing my r65 Back to Life...

For those few of you over on the r65 forum, this will be a repeat story, but I figured there would be enough Old School interest (and knowledge/advice) that it warranted it's own topic here on ADV. Especially since it was a local ADVer (KiC) who lent me his moto-trailer without even knowing me.

It has been 371 days since I heard the heart-sinking grinding/buzzing sound (accompanied with noticeable lack of GO!) that told me my r65 suffered from stripped input splines (I assume). Buying a new home and the money/renovations that has needed has put my r65 repair on the back-burner. Two days ago, I was happy to finally see a check come in the mail from one of my website design freelance projects. That check, along with the wife's "You should use that money to get the bmw fixed..." (what a great wife!) has now enabled me to have the transmission rebuilt by a local beemer expert who comes highly recommended for airheads. I'm also convinced there will be many "while I'm there..." type of side-projects so I've put aside enough cash (I hope!) to cover the list of what I want to do. I hope to have it all complete and back on the road by November 15th, which will be the 2-year anniversary of my father-in-law passing, from whom I inherited the r65.

Other than the transmission repair, I intend to get my fingers dirty and knuckles skinned by doing the work myself. Here is what I intend to do:
  • Have transmission rebuilt fresh.
  • Install new clutch (I assume it will be toast from the spline strip?) We'll see...
  • Replace Oil Pump cover gasket.
  • Replace main seal.
  • Replace oil pan gasket and clean/maybe paint oil pan.
  • Clean/rebuild carbs (I'm sure they need it, now).
  • Clean/paint valve covers and replace leaking gaskets.
  • Replace Oil Pressure sender unit.
  • Lube final drive splines.
  • Check/Replace Oil Breather Valve with Reed-style if needed. (And figure out why oil is weeping from the starter motor cavity.
  • Replace cracking rubber brake lines/replace with stainless steel.
  • Replace fuse block with new blade-style fuses.
  • Buy/install new speedometer - Vapor probably - along with finding a way to attractively mount the ignition key/cylinder.
I know you airheads have done many of these procedures, so maybe this will be a boring thread for you. But I'm new to airheads and would like to document as I bumble my way through it, hopefully without too many problems. I have all the specialty tools, downloaded many "how to" articles, read (and took pain-reliever to help the eye strain from) Snowbum's site, have the Clymer manual, know the pitfalls to avoid ... and just have to START. But I hope you'll chime in as I post up photos and document my progress for the greater good. I plan on starting teardown this weekend.

Part of why I'm starting this post NOW is to help keep me motivated... don't want to keep you FF's waiting. A couple to whet your appetite:

Before that fateful day, after I had just completed putting on some new rubber:

And..... she's done:
1981 BMW r65 - Photos
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