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Originally Posted by erkmania View Post

Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere. I read about the IICE products and want a little more input into how they function. Primarily, is the IICE Air strictly an inline resistor circuit? Second, what does the microprocessor circuitry do for the coolant sensor circuit?

I looked in the Hotrodding thread and didn't find a sufficient explanation. I certainly don't want proprietary details; I couldn't care less. I just want more info to compare with what I read on the BoosterPlug site. I liked that he explained the nonlinear effect incurred by serial add on resistors to the air sensor circuit. This made me wonder about your product(s).

I would be happy with links to info I didn't see, yet.

My bike pings awfully (2011GS) during large angle tip-in (5500 rpm) and about 75% steady throttle at 5500 rpm.

Originally Posted by erkmania View Post

More succinctly, is the temperature offset of the IICE Air linear across the temperature band? Adding a simple inline resistor does not accomplish this as I've learned. What I understood from the links provided is that the IICE Air can be set to different offsets, i.e.-unaltered, -10, -20 and -30C. I didn't see any discussion about the linearity of the offsets. Perhaps I read/scanned the info too briefly to glean an answer.
Hey there Eric. It sounds like maybe a comparison between BoosterPlug and the IICE Air is in order. I agree. Ready?

There is no comparison. That is to say, they are the same thing and there's nothing to compare.

The same thing that is, except for the IICE Air is adjustable. And the temperature offset needs to be adjustable to work with the upcoming IICE Cool.

The BoosterPlug, Accelerator, IICE Air, etc., each offset the temperature input in the same way using the same type of components. Beyond the temperature offset, anything fancy that happens to fuel delivery happens inside the ECU, not at the temperature sensor.

Regarding the linearity question, the product description on the BoosterPlug website centers on linearity. And it makes sense that a product description should focus on relevant performance features. A product's 'claim to fame' as it were.

The thing is, we didn't see that the claim was particularly noteworthy. I mean, given that the competitive products and the IICE Air each do exactly the same thing, then all the products are equally linear.

Equal except for adjustability that is. And adjustability is necessary to work with our future products.


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