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Originally Posted by Poolside View Post
Hey there Eric. It sounds like maybe a comparison between BoosterPlug and the IICE Air is in order. I agree. Ready?

There is no comparison. That is to say, they are the same thing and there's nothing to compare.

You're just testing me, right? There seems to be at least one feature to compare, i.e. the position of the sensor. I admire that IICE Aire is more adjustable and appreciate that. The BoosterPlug dude (Jen?), however, extolls the alternate virtue that his non-adjustable sensor can be placed where it is most useful. What say you?

I ask my many questions with high regard for your posted background. I suspect the complete answer lies in disclosing a little more about how the IICE Aire and the IICE Cool(ant) work in harmony.

For my part, I have a bike that runs less than ideally and I want some resolution; via the dealer (argh!) or some aftermarket (and, well thought out) devices.

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