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Captains Crossing Carnage the final instalment

Ok time to wrap this up (finally)
Sunday morning , another perfect day in paradise, we all bucked out of bed fairly early , but still didn't beat barra. He had that Chrome exhaust cover gleaming while the rest of us were still picking the crap out of our eyes from the previous days riding..
The Retreat puts on a good breaky bacon eggs, hash browns , mushrooms, baked beans & spag as well as fruit & cereal, all great fuel for a days ride.
We all geared up, & did a head count , 1 missing ??
SlowXr was still punch'n out ZZZ's , the old fellas must have worn him out!!
Oh well someone kicked him in the ribs & we set of with the big XR650 leading the way to Gargett for fuel, some where along the way Barra had decided the KLR was pointed north towards home so he set it on auto pilot & then there was 5.
The pressure was building OBJ even had to stop & tighten his zip ties!!

After fueling up ,the nerves must have been kicking in as there was a majority vote taken to seek out the public toilets, OBJ must have been really worried!! after a good 15 minutes in the can, & still no sign of him, it was suggested that we may need to slip a pointy stick under the door so he could poke his lower intestines back in...
When he did finally show up ,& queried over the delay , he was heard muttering some thing about a moth the same colour as the painted floor in the shit house........
Once again we mounted up, for the quick tar trip to the trail head of Captains , keen as mustard i tried to get around McAdoo who was making great pace on the DR as usual, but in true gogo gadget style the DR jettisoned a full packet of red frogs just as i was nearing his back wheel , there was a shower of the little red buggers bouncing off me everywhere, not knowing what else was gunna launch out of his saddle bags, i backed off , content to wait my turn!!
The Entrance..
Them thar hills are awatin..

we were going along well until the first or second crossing......

We were going down like flies, OBJ decided to park the goldern mermaid in a rut, Charlies bikes was tired & needed a lie down... took 3 of us to get her upright again....

Then Charlie helped OBJ "derutt"

& onwards we went, until the next crossing.... Charlie riding like a pro.

McAdoo powering on .....

And along comes OBJ...

A few K's later we came to teemburra creek (Captains Crossing) where OBJ kept the local talent amused with his stories of his great adventures in the last hour...

We bid his admirers farewell & set off as we had only covered about a 1/4 of the track so far!
Came upon a bit of a land slip all traversed it with varing "styles"

McAdoo, going bush..

Charlies KLR was getting tired again & decided it wanted to lie down we all watched to see if it would.....

OBJ tried to run over the cameraman & pulled a great stoppie at the top but i was already looking for an escape route & missed it..

McAdoo (the machine) was on a roll & was kenn to keep going!!

Several water crossings later ,followed by "are we there yet" & 3 gallons of water....
McAdoo still powering

Charlie & his faithful tractor..

SXR styl'n it up..

& then the goldern nugget....

Rest break.... not far now boys.....

The Nugget was starting to lose its lustre......

On quizzing OBJ on what the hell happened?? he thought the mirror went on crash #2 & the rear indicator was a result of crash #3 while crash #4 consisted of dodging a bloody great wombat hole?? "bike went left....i ejected right" had us all in stitches for well over 5 minutes...

we pulled into the eungella chalet well & truly rooted .... only took 4 1/2 hours to do 70k's....

A quick feed & back on the road out past the eungella dam onto lizzie creek road via MT britton & back around to nebo in time for the footy, SXR & i left them to it & continued on to mackay.
Thanks again fellas great company , look forward to doing it all again , the good news is there is still a heap of tracks up there similar to that one to ride next time!!
Later OB..
Berg FE 570
XR 440R
MV Agusta.

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