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Well, life has taken a break, not really, I've taken a break from life and I'm back in ADV Land. A world of mystery and fun !

When I left we were in Independence, Missouri. After the Acoustic Jam, a few beers and bad singing we crashed in our beds to sleep a few hours before another long day. We got up way before the crack of dawn. 4:00 or 4:30 if my memory serves me (it usually doesn't). We were on the road by 5 or 5:30 I'd say. It was early, dark and I didn't know where I was going. That being said, I was in the lead....

We were supposed to head towards Sioux City up I-29. Instead I steered us towards Des Moines, Iowa up I-35. We realized this when we stopped for gas and I asked caycek5 (he who possesses GPS) if we were going the right way. We weren't so he mapped us a route and we got back on track.

Little did we know that the Missouri River had flooded I-29 and many adjacent farms, houses and pretty much everything. I guess the two of us don't keep up with current events too well.
(click below to play)

Our detour was very scenic and showed us a little Iowa we would have missed.

Everyone knows I can't resist driving by one of these

I took a darthpeach Color break. Everyone need these now and again.


I even ran through a corn field.
(click below to play)

and we made it to

The Welcome to Missouri sign is on the bridge heading into St. Louis with no shoulder to pull off onto. So we turned the bikes around and....

Got the shot heading out of the state :)

We may have been day dreaming on the way into South Dakota so we took this.

Don't worry, we got the shot on the way out but that's not til the next day. Heck this is only half way though day 3 (9-12-11)
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