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A Leisurely Hike and Afternoon Ride

The Rat Dog and I headed back to our go-to spot up by Girdwood to meet up with the parents after taking in the sunset by the train tracks.

The next morning I hung out with the parents and we headed into Girdwood and ate at The Bake Shop. It was a recommended stop in one of my momís books or magazines so we hunted it out. The food is excellent there and probably one of our favorite of the trip with a great breakfast menu. Then we went over to the Alyeska Ski Resort and hiked the little boardwalk trail towards the Crow Creek road on a little section of the historic Iditarod Trail. It was a little tame, compared to what I had grown accustom to in Alaska but that is how my mom likes it. Then the path descended to the river and there was a cool little box cart big enough for a couple people to pull themselves across the river.

Then after the little hike, I decided to go for a short 200 mile afternoon ride down to Hope to poke around. It was just the next town down off the turnoff, but in Alaska nothing is close. Well, that is maybe not exactly it, instead, the definition of close is just different. I probably should have taken more pictures in Hope but I was having too much fun riding, I found this little dirt cutoff threw the woods and rode it a couple times, and cranked it on up and back on the 20 mile or so dirt road that ends in a hiking trail. It was a good ride and I was a little concerned about running out of gas on the way back.

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