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I was perusing Ebay yesterday, wondering if anything interesting would turn up. I found a set of stock, original mufflers for the r65 and, tempted, clicked through to the auction. To my surprise, the seller lived right here in Tucson, and the auction said he was parting out a 1983 r65 and had many other parts. I emailed him and through a couple back and forth Ebay messages, he invited me out to his place today to take a look at what I wanted.

Drove up there this morning and was blown away. I wish I had taken photos of his home, but didn't want to come across creepy. But the guy knew his BMW and had pretty much any and every make. I saw r50's, r69s's, a couple r90's, and hundreds of parts hanging everywhere. Bikes from basket-case all the way to fully restored. Just gorgeous. It truly was a treasure chest of vintage airheads. Guy was a fount of knowledge and really helped cement my confidence in what I am about to undertake with the r65. Also turns out that the guy knew my father-in-law and said "John was a f**king mad scientist with a welder." Yep, that was my FIL. He invited me to a weekly vintage bike night at one of the local micro-breweries, gave me his business card and said that he'd be glad to help me anytime. So what started out as a possible muffler score turned into much more, including a local mentor.

Anyway, so I scored this for $300.Exterior could be in better shape but it shifts through all gears smoothly, no looseness...

... and the splines are in great shape:

So now I have TWO transmissions. I'll drop this new chunk 'o metal in and get her up and riding right away, cheap-like. What funds were going to JUST rebuilding my transmission will now cover everything... including new clutch. In the meantime, I can save up a bit and get the original tranny fixed.

Oh, I also picked this up for $100, in near-perfect condition. I know it wasn't on my original list but my original front rim has a good sized ding in it and is a tiny bit out-of-round, which I think causes the slight wobble/bump at 45mph. Too bad the rubber is dry-rotted/cracked because it has some good tread on it.

So here she sits, awaiting my wrenches. Tomorrow I dive in:
1981 BMW r65 - Photos

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