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One more thing on the compression, what altitude are u at? If you are 12,000 ft you might get a reading of 70 psi.
I'm at about 10' above sea level. Ocean view, baby.

You could possibly make a temporary leakage check tool from your compression gauge or from an old spark plug... snip.
Good idea - I'll get into it that as soon as I can. Workin' this weekend, but I'll see what I can do soon.

Originally Posted by dentvet View Post
raw gas dumped down its throat could cause the intake backfire in a normal engine. i think spark occurs on the exhaust stroke as well and there is probably valve timing overlap so raw gas sitting there is going to go poof back through the intake
I don't think I mentioned it before, but down the intake you can see the fuel spraying (spray pattern looks good to my eye), however, for whatever reason (possibly bad timing, possibly not enough air getting sucked down the intake) fuel is accumulating in the intake port.

sorry if i sounded annoyed, i was merely confused
No apology necessary, your point was valid to the max, and if anyone ssounds annoyed here, it's me, since I've been fighting this for the last month.

All input is appreciated.
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