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'yer poppin' on decel cause' your pilot circuit is too lean.... pilot circuit is supposed to be about your first 1/8 of throttle. main jets really don't have anything to do w/decel popping.... you chop the throttle, close the butterfly, the engine goes lean as the high revs come down, and it pops.... i forget what pilot jet you said you have, but you may have to go a size bigger. try the pilot screw first, i dunno how your pilot screw works, some let in more air, some more fuel. whichever way, you need more fuel, and the popping will go away on decel. but.... at least in my KTM 450, too big a pilot, and it gets real hard to start when it's hot, floods real easy.... this is why the FCR's have a hot start circuit to let in more air.... on both my FCR and the kawi/keihin CV36's on my ZRX, the pilot screw lets in fuel, and screwing it out is richer.... get one of the aftermarked pilot screws that you can do w/your fingers, and adjust it as you ride pilot circuit and your carb type, and i bet you find alotta info....

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