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Originally Posted by Pilgrim21784 View Post
It will, IMO, be very difficult to do better than Motoport. Yes, their gear is not inexpensive (that is a relative statement for anyone familiar with Rukka or Halvarsson (two fine mfgrs.), or any race quality gear).

Highly protective gear costs serious cash, big surprise. If you want to ride in race quality leathers (with armor of course), I hope you like doing the maintenance quality leather requires.

I would be surprised if a competitive product can be produced with the same custom sizing, fit, and options that Motoport currently offers at a better price. They are exacting in their standards and will produce precisely what a customer requests. My order experience reminded me of my experience with a Brooks Brothers suit.

The issue of quality versus cost in motorcycle safety gear has bemused me since my introduction to the subject a few years ago. I remain amused why any rider would consider anything other than the ultimate protection available; skin, bones, joints -- are difficult (and expensive) to fix. The pain component can be for a lifetime.

I'm highly sensitive to injuries/hospitals/bodily damage, etc. - I got banged up a bit in Viet Nam with the Marine Corps. I spent almost 6 months in the hospital in Guam, about half of that in traction and a body cast. The medics originally said I'd be crippled for life, nine fractures in my spine, no left leg function and my ankle was a disaster. I beat the odds.

The discussion of protective gear is a subject I spent quite a bit of time researching. To each their own: for my money and safety - I own a custom Motoport Airmesh gear set. I believe it is the best protection my money can buy. I think it is ill advised to wear anything other than race quality gear on any ride, whether around the corner or cross country. Hospital stays are a real downer, trust me on that opinion. JMO
This. I want the best, not the best for the price. No war stories for me, but a propane explosion...

One amberlamps ride to the hospital and an overnight admission will be more expensive than the highest-end gear you can buy. Nevermind weeks in ICU.

The "cheap head/cheap helmet" joke doesn't stop at the neck.

I'm also looking forward to what Teiz can do with superior materials!
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