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I'd be very interested. I have a motoport suit, love the material, not a fan at all of motoport. Their cut, sizing, fit, design etc. is all rather terrible. Put some thought into it so it fits well (on the bike, in a riding position -- this is the bit motoport can't seem to comprehend) and isn't bulkier than it needs to be. Their armor also sucks, I much prefer a visoelastic type armor like aerostich uses (and many other).

Just for starters, legs and arms need to be pre-curved so that they fit best when a rider is in a riding position. On a kevlar suit (like my dual layer GPII), the material itself can be quite thick, this is fine in most places, but a real problem behind the knees and elbows, especially combined with the insufficient pre-curve of the suit. The material bunches up badly, making it uncomfortable to ride a sport bike while wearing the suit. There's no reason the back of the knee needs exactly the same amount and thickness of material as the front of the knee - the back of the knee should have fairly thin, stretchy stuff. The front thick, super-durable stuff. Same with the wrists, a wrist closure should allow the jacket to close snugly around a wrist without much extra bulk so full gauntlet gloves can be worn (motoport is too bulky, for that matter so are the leather jackets I got from you are a bit bulky in the wrist and hard to wear with gloves too).

How much I would spend really depends on the details. A suit with motoport-style materials and something approaching a good, clean, good-fitting design, quality zippers, etc would certainly catch my attention. I'd want a 2-piece suit with a 360 degree zipper. I'd would guess I'd pay something like $700-800, though less would always be great!

Motoport's armor is well placed, but thin and hard (their tri-armor, haven't seen their newer stuff) and won't absorb much of an impact. Armor needs to be thick to cushion a blow just like you need suspension travel to soak up a big hit.

FWIW your sport-cut leather-mesh jacket (I forgot the name) in medium fits me perfectly
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