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My F2R roadbook holder worked flawlessly during the safari rally. The cover kept dust and water out nicely and we had 0 problems with the drive system. There are a few bits I will relay back to the F2R boys that they may address in newer versions. The 2 main things are: The switch is currently hard wired into the road book so it cannot be replaced easily if it gets damaged on stage. The Rally Raid UK guys said they cut the wires and put a connector in and carry a spare switch. The 2nd small issue is that on the right side of the top cover there are 2 tabs with holes in them that slide over steel pins to retain that side of the cover. due to the excessive vibration in the event the aluminum deformed a small amount around the ill have to reinforce that spot in the future.

The rubber O ring that locks the left side of the lid on works well but can be a little hard toget on now and then. Had no issues with it breaking or getting hit. My team mates all liked the size of the scroll knobs as they are quite a bit bigger than those on the MD. Most people at the event were running MD's and several people had failures during the event and were forced to hand scroll.....statistically this is bound to happen.

All in all I give the F2R unit a thumbs up and recommend it to others. Its price allows you to buy two for almost the same cost as one MD and that way you have a full spare parts package.
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