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Originally Posted by geometrician View Post
Is this a braggin' thread or a truth-or-consequences deal?

I happen to like my KLR. Paid $1500 w/3,000 no dirt/no rain miles in 1991, heated & carpeted garage even

Over 168,000 miles now, been everywhere, done just about everything with her. Just one problem- sucks (bad kinda of sucking) on the modern highways. Needed another cylinder (and some more modern suspension/geometry) so I got the 950 for that... relegated to Mountain Goat status, she hardly gets ridden anymore, and when it happens it's in the stuff I oughta be using a trials bike to ride through.

here sporting multiple-bikes bodywork and some fresh D606's we're off to crawl the creeks at night. Works better that way, you don't see the stuff that usually scares you away from trying it

all those miles together with those few dollars, I must be the posterchild for "Cheap KLR650 Owners"

You are saved from Suckiness by the "Test Vehicle" sticker. Carry on.
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