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OK - I hooked up some air pressure to the cylinders and a good amount of air could be felt/heard in the inspection cover of the side case... so either air was getting past the rings, or to gasket was majorly jacked, or I'm doing it wrong (wouldn't be the first time ).

Right or wrong, I pulled the head. Pics below. The cylinder walls look good to me, but the pistons look a bit nasty.

Gasket is metal - can't really tell if was good or bad.

Head looks fine, though a bit nasty like the pistons. Valves look normal to me...

Anyway - I thought I'd find something obvious. So either I'm obviously missing something, or I'm barking up the wrong tree (again).

So... on to questions:

Am I missing something?

Pistons/head with so much crud - normal or not?

Should I pull the cylinders and look at the rings? I'm thinking yes, but what's the point if cylinder walls look good?

Is there a way to tell if the gasket was blown by looking at it? It's a metal gasket that looks normal to me. No water in the oil that I can see.
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